Libby Cooper Commercial and In-House Lawyer

Libby Cooper

Commercial Solicitor



Libby Cooper is a Commercial lawyer that has over 20 years of experience helping businesses navigate commercial, governance, compliance, dispute negotiation, employment and environmental legal issues. She has worked within a private practice setting and in companies covering a wide range of sectors and national and international environments.


Libby believes that listening comes before advising, and that there is always a workable answer to every legal challenge. She is a consummate practitioner in working with the realities of current and new laws, and the demands of clients, suppliers, employees and regulators.





Libby has a remarkable range of experience which includes successfully:


• translating apparently complex legal issues into understandable language and advice;
• managing legal matters in many global jurisdictions;
• advising in the waste and recycling, oil and gas, mining, energy, construction, engineering, professional and support services and public sector amongst others;
• working with businesses and organisations of all sizes from start-up to global presence;
• managing implementation of compliance changes and challenges in organisations, taking account of risk and financial resources;
• advising on and managing disposals and acquisitions;
• securing a range of consents and permits in a variety of situations;
• advising on and managing disputes and regulatory offences;
• producing standard documentation and forms of agreement;


As well as providing legal advice Libby will work with people at all levels of organisations from main board to ‘coalface’ to understand the context and support implementation of the advice given. Libby can deliver training and work with implementation strategies; followed by support and advice in changes in the law and organisational changes such as mergers and acquisitions, disposals, reorganisations and business start-ups.






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