Zameer Nazarali Employment Solicitor

Zameer Nazarali

Employment Solicitor


Zameer Nazarali is an Employment and HR lawyer with a twist! He has not only built technical knowhow and expertise of Employment law over the years, but has worked with a number of HR consultancies, giving him a unique perspective of how HR operates within business. Zameer gives great importance in the way in which he works with his clients, creating an open and engaging relationship in order to understand the client’ legal position.


Zameer advises SME’s of all sizes and industries on how to manage their employee issues in the best interests of their business. Zameer’s approach is to always look ahead, understanding the direct and indirect consequences of how an employee matter is dealt with, and most importantly how that impacts the business in both short and long-term scenarios.


Zameer advises businesses on every step of the HR process that is needed. He has practical knowledge and experience on how to run a range of HR processes, whether straight forward or more complex. With this insight, Zameer can be a true support and adviser to his client’s, providing a sense of assurance and calm to often stressful proceedings.





Zameer is able to assist you and your business in the following:


Settlement Agreements

One of Zameer’s areas of expertise is managing and negotiating Settlement Agreements, primarily in behalf employers but also employees as well. Zameer applies a transparent and logical approach to proceedings, engaging all involved parties to find the right solutions to draw a line under ongoing disputes.



TUPE and Restructuring

A large part of what Zameer does is advising companies on managing TUPE procedures and restructuring processes. Zameer ensures that clients stay within legal protocol and properly consult whether making major changes within their business or taking over a new business.