UK Litigation lawyers

Our UK litigation lawyers can help you take pre-emptive measures against litigation and disputes.


All businesses suffer from litigation and disputes at some stage in their life cycle, it’s important to be prepared for any eventualities and contact us as soon as possible. Whether you simply want to safeguard your business for the future, or someone is taking action against you. The sooner you get in touch the more we can do to help.


Our UK Litigation lawyers can help with disputes that arise in day-to-day business activity, we always try to focus on minimising the impact to your business whilst resolving disputes. As well as working around you when handling Commercial litigation on your behalf or advising you about Employment Disputes.


We have helped businesses deal with employment disputes, defending our clients from false victimisation claims and providing mediation services. As well as Pension Disputes; from drafting errors to advising against previous lawyers and financial institutions.


Our UK teams are able to work together to resolve issues that may involve multiple legal sectors such as real estate and planning concerns.

To find out more on how My Business Counsel can assist you, please contact us today to get in touch with the specialist team that can help you, by emailing us at or by calling 0121 562 1704. Click here to find out more about us.

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